I am WRITING for YOU. Here exists a how-to blueprint on how-to exit ideological identity.

Here is YOUR road map:

Trans-ideology seeks to explore and identify, though not identify with, that which is:

An ideologue seeks perfection as to the why and distorts reality as to conform to the desired hallucination. Trans-ideology cuts the chord with ideological anchors, narratives, myths, symbols, time, and language of the ideology. 

The measure of an ideology is the degree by which it can dissolve reality according to its narrative. It is a dream that has become real in its manifestation. Ideology operates on the level of invisible identification. 

The condition of language is that it be expressed. It is the conflict between identity and the rest of the world that breeds emotion. What is felt as truth. The logic of a narrative as it perceives itself is not objective. 

TO comprehend only to see the reflection of one’s own imagination is the realm of the ideological. As to what is true identity, formless essence. 


Everyone calls me KEEX. I have been a janitor, cashier, stock person, full-time student, caregiver, tutor, dish washer, line cook, UBER driver, car salesman, and delivery driver. I co-founded Santanero Zine (2012-2015), have written 6 e books, and created http://www.Keexzus.com