261: Literature of the Trans-Ideological (Realignment of Narrative Chains)

Realignment of narrative chains:

The identity as the invisible shape-shifting costume of the hallucination: symbols and customs adorn the stage. Scripts are written by authorities in their respective departments: levels of acceptability within frequencies, stories, identities, and play. The identity finds a range of acceptability to play within that range of artistic possibility. It is the larger theaters within the world where groups let go and or absorb energies, frequencies, identities of competing hallucinations and stories. Openings in identity plant the seed for a breakthrough in the ideological hallucination.

The chains of the outer-world: tribal stories, identities, victim-hood, and mindsets. Conversely, Liberation from Time: Freedom from Tribal Identity and Ideological lenses… with intended ultimate intention: Self-Realization as One with Spirit.

A fragmentation of One over many tribes (of the outer-world). All actors playing roles in service to identity, ideology, and thought forms. MOVIES playing on different screens: the World’s great thought systems.

Identity seeks confirmation of its own existence as it plays. It plays in service to tribal ideology. One’s own and others. Ideological identities play through narrative acts. Identification with form and the ideological world takes precedence over One’s true identity with Spirit.

Identity in service of ideology in lieu of Spirit: rationalizing according to given range of acceptability as agreed upon by systemic order. The energy and frequency of a language structure (speech) is as vital as perceived message, all embedded and perceived according to One’s ability as allowed by ideological identity.

One’s frequency according to identity according to lens according to environment according to range of perceived acceptability… dialed into varying range of frequencies in varying contexts: It is Being behind the notes moving the Spirit of the song… Tribal war takes place in ideological theaters. Tribal comprehension not based on intellect but on tribal lens. The Disintegration of Time: Writing is the Sculpture.

The incompleteness of an identity dominates a comprehension. Observe the vibrational frequency of a language. Identities are temporary vehicles towards varying comprehensions of Spirit.

To win over Oneself in regards to habits, addictions, desires, ego, and still more importantly ideological identity. Ideology and its identities says it is imperative to win ideological battles, and yet disintegration of identity and removal of time based emotions affords a Divine Dance with Spirit. 

This is the literature of the trans-ideological. 

The disintegration of identity in how many layers…                 

perceptions freed from time as One