259: Blockchains of the Trans-Ideological Timeline

I am an ideological identity. 

Ideology is mostly invisible. It grows in its echo chambers: from time structures (institutions) to different narrative timelines. Bias is invisible to the ideologue. The frequency of a story reverberates throughout the tribe. 

Ideological agreement breeds across platforms. The hallucination solidifies itself as truth with a capital T, perhaps even with all caps as in TRUTH. Narrative bridges explain the distance between subject and object. 

The perception of one’s identity is built on status. It shifts accordingly with shifts in reality. These shifts are not in an objective case but through an ideological lens. One’s alignment of inner beliefs and outer reality becomes a distortion of time.

Institutions like academia breed contempt for the ideas of Other, as in ideology. Truth is not objective but ideological. It is the echo chamber that agrees to the reality of its own creation. Journalism doesn’t exist. It is the function of one institution to produce ideologues for other institutions in order to create consent through ideological hallucination. 

A time signature is engraved into the story. Write clearly. Ideology controls, frame controls, identity controls… the confirmation bias of reality is dealt through ideological institutions finding agreement among a collection of facts (perceived, imagined, or real) into an ideological story.

What is the blockchain of reality?

An endless stream of ideological timelines fighting for supremacy. 


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