257: Narrative Hallucinations

Unscripted realities within the play:

Tribal hallucinations against tribal hallucinations.

Are living identities within a story within a tribal hallucination . . .

Manifestations of Spirit incognito: It is the false belief that One is oppressed. The anchor of tribal identity is tribal hallucination. One story takes place within the hallucination. Others exist but are deemed hallucinations.

Is it possible to abandon identity ?

Is it possible to abandon this hallucination.

A story invokes feeling.

The growth of a hallucination depends on the depth of its echo. . .

The script is written by ideology.

One hallucination cannot conceive reality outside its scripted reality.

Everything perceived becomes ideological in its invisibility. 

The ability to reason becomes a limited affair chained to the rules of the ideological.

It is the script given to actors unknowingly…

The hallucination graduates into reality where it meets resistance to its story, its identity, and its mindset.

Underlying beliefs reinforce broader ideological story.

** this is not an endorsement of any ideology



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