256: Tribal Hallucinations

Identities coalesce. 

This is a swirling of narratives. This is not an improvement on the script. IT is an abandoning of a script. Mindset navigates freedom. Identities seek refuge in a world of freedom. The disintegration of the play is perceived. 

This is the disintegration of the play. A mindset shift here, an identity shift there, a narrative shift eventually sliding off the scale as reality shifts and breaks. The funnel for everything as it plays. 

You pull the thread of the hallucination… the portrait of another figure appears… and there are zero templates for this … an ideology is an operating system within a tribe, an identity within the world creates a narrative within the world.

Fiction (ideology) doesn’t perceive truths, only desired conclusions. The walls of a thing complete perceives its own completion. Rarely is anyone free. . .