251: Differing Frames of the Trans-Ideological Film

The needs of ego are met by ideology. 

Ego seeks safety, acceptance, and pleasure.

Mindset shapes identity. 

Identities in allegiance with ideology correspond toward official story, as is versions of truth filtered through lens. Stories become rigid as are understandings. Ideology hardens framework of ideological architecture. 

Seek experiential reality beyond conceptual.  Seek truth beyond story. Seek truth beyond ideology. Seek truth beyond identity. Allow for the widening of perception and understanding. 

Types of frame are dependent on level of energy and understanding of conscious awareness of self as seen as ego: understanding of frame, underlying frame, emotions and foundation, attachment of interpretation due to identity.

Billions of different versions of the same film exist. 

Absolute truth exists outside identity and reactive dogma. An ideology is incomplete so long as it exists. Ideologies govern identities. Identities aggregate titles and cachet. Identity presents itself. The logic of one identity is not truth if ideological. 

One frequency communicates.