Post 249: Hallucinations of the Ideological

Allow there to be clarity.

Allow there to cede control. Comprehend the wind that pulls…

A complete understanding is completely natural. A complete process nears comprehension– a clear disruption occurs. First it appears as sound– as unreasonable as it may sound. The mind magnifies what it can’t understand. Characters begin to play, and a story slowly unfolds.

A scene begins and actors take the stage. An audience awaits an explanation for this and other stories, symbols make their way and a slow alliteration takes flight, one to one, one to two, one to three, and so on and so forth with various variations, an endless chain– seemingly. An endless chain to spear concepts once thought into the world.

Dialogue begins to play. One page ends. An invisible ellipsis  makes its way and clears space for the world in its own way. One chamber, many thoughts, many symbols. An endless eternity (purposefully redundant) for ample amplification, a subtle reduction in direction for a story to take flight. 

The names and beginnings of the characters are unimportant. The right verb fits in between the right nouns. The flow of language so clear in its invisibility. The unseen matrix becomes a mystery if only for a moment in time and then the scene ends. 

Language exchanged if only for partial thoughts. Never a complete understanding. The writer takes a break and the audience disappears. Movements take shape in absence. Every emotion takes place and looks into the abyss – until another shifts occurs– as the second page ends. 

Story breeds identity and at other times the other way around. Mindset will filter and interpret story: identity, mindset, story. The architecture of a story fits identity filtered through mindset filtered through – a mindset affecting all aspects- all levels – all layers- how does mindset construct a story? How does identity and ideology affect the latter? 

Slowing language to a crawl, slowing identity into stillness, slowing mindset into nothingness, or perhaps these are reversals. Red curtains begin to part – actors retake the stage, a story begins to replay, an audience puts away their smartphones, writing into creation a distant land. 

Page 4 has been deleted. 

The walls of the hallucination are thin. / end first draft /