244: How to Kill Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a mindset. 

It is the belief that one does not know how or what to write about. In more peculiar cases, it is not knowing why one is writing. In all cases, it is a mindset that can be overcome and conquered. It is a process that may entail many different steps. Depending on the affected areas of the problem, it may be a few or many activities that will eventually remedy the malady. 

step 1) write. simply write down everything. write down the voice that says otherwise. write silence. write something. a blank page cannot be edited. 

step 2) consistency matters. write everyday. how badly is it that you want to improve? ask yourself. writing is a muscle. build it. 

step 3) understand there is no magical cure-all. the mind will atrophy if not used. build good consistent habits and rewire the mind. always be writing. 

These are the beginning steps out of the woods. It is not the entirety of the journey or the completion process. More posts will follow.