226: Why Liberalism Fails

This is about seeking to understand ideology.

This is not about endorsing ideology. This is about abandoning tribal identities. This is about abandoning time. What occurs mostly in our time is identity. What is considered is an interpretation through ideological screens. This is about the reality about ideology. 

Liberalism has become a dissonant and broken ideology. To feel compassion even when there is no real victim, one creates one. That is the essence of modern liberalism. Real, imagined, perceived: liberalism feeds on victimhood to shame a perceived or created villain and feel vindicated and self-righteous. Since liberalism has abandoned god, it seeks to amplify outrage as a form of devotion to perceived good. Outrage culture and victimhood become sacrosanct. 

Liberalism has dehumanized conservatism. Since liberalism feeds on victim consciousness and outrage, it must perceive everything done by the opposing ideology to be inherently wrong and evil. Liberalism looks at history and blames white males, past, present, and future. It is easy for liberals to dehumanize conservatives and misrepresent the ideology because they perceive a historical precedent of wrongdoing and oppression. Reality is then distorted and interpreted to feed the liberal narrative of endless victimhood perpetrated by a perennial perpetrator and oppressor. 

Liberalism views victimhood as sacred. This is an unsustainable dynamic for an ideology. This is not an endorsement of conservatism but a thrashing of liberalism. Liberalism should seek to understand conservatism as a venue for self-agency rather than an endless villain. If not, divisions and fragmentation will undoubtedly worsen.