224: Language About NOTHING

Time without language is silence. 

Language dissolves. The gravitational pull pulls the subject as is allowed. It is the world of the narrative that engages in the perceived value. The value of the identity is perceived. Liberation from time is disentanglement from identity. Identity is in the way. Identity is not the way. This is the condition of identity: it is the fear of all of it ending. It is not only the terrain, nor the vehicle, nor the ideas about the illusion. It is the use of an ideological fiction; that is, a vehicle to navigate perceptions of the world. It is the creation of an attachment born from time. How the mind perceives why you are not free. 

The use of language and the creation and then attachment to an ideology is the process by which illusion wins. The structure of the fiction is in the way. Illusion is in the way. Language is in the way: 

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