219: Freedom from Victim Consciousness

Language is ruled by felt connection to perceived truth. In an essay, in an opinion, in an argument, what is often privileged is emotion and narrative. Reference experience which builds wells of opinion shape operative processes of logical reasoning according to cognitive filters and ideology. Logic will be affected by ideology. 

The birth of time based fiction breeds attachment. It is time as conceived by god. It is flowing fiction in the public sphere: the humanity of infinite fragmentation spread over infinite narratives and tribal dancing. The shifting, fragmenting avalanche to transport the signatures of time, to retract the molding. 

Incomplete narratives vie for attraction. Ideology seeks to reinforce the caricature as opposed to seeking a complete truth. What the ideological often creates is a caricature of what is perceived to be. One cannot accept simply one ideology as truth. 

One idea broken. 

Literature is not sustainable.