214: Language Framed as Time (Narratives & Politics)

On language and time as framed: emotions distort reality. Ideological attachment befitting the arc of experiences according to cultural and social conditioning. Ideology breeds narratives. Class resentment is wrong. Racial resentment is wrong. For many, it is more important for a narrative to live than for freedom to breathe. A narrative must survive destruction in order to breathe. 

At the foundation of time, they warp narratives according to tribal logic. Anyone who tells you someone else is at fault for your life is lying to you. I do not expect salvation. I am not waiting for Godot. I am not a victim. Your identity fears suffering. 

The election only performs. Understand this: Freedom is not victimhood. Abandon the ideologue who claims he will yield salvation through revolution. Abandon the politics that says a system or institution is against you. Free yourself from time. Free yourself from the narrative that says you are a victim. 


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