209: America

Ideological filters will interpret injustice and perceived solutions. Subjects will care or not care to varying degrees, depths, and directions. That is not to say that injustice does not exist but that it is not ubiquitous. I do not like Bernie because he conditions millennials to believe they are perennial victims and that the nation is inherently unfair. I would like a candidate that does not resort to victim consciousness as their cause célèbre.

Here is my perception of the candidates essentially paraphrased:

Bernie: You are all victims and everyone is conspiring against YOU. We need a revolution!

Trump: I will take on everyone bringing you down and we will WIN AGAIN.

Hillary: I actually know what I am doing. Pandering to a fragmented populace of victims is tiring. People perceive me as flip-flopping and lying while I am merely pandering to every aggrieved group and powerful interest. I am navigating a difficult political landscape. This is not out of want but out of necessity. I have made mistakes and have done my best to correct them. I do not care for ideological purity. What some would call flip-flopping and lying is simply what in reality is called pragmatism.

Injustices — whether real, imagined, or perceived — must all become real to sustain identity and narrative illusion. Sanders’ political revolution is guided by perennial victim consciousness. What occurs in political theater is frame-control according to ideological filters and corresponding cognitive distortions needed to sustain and maintain the guiding narrative. The crowd will become attached to and identify with the WHY of the argument and to sustain that ideological attachment will distort all reality. The political ideology becomes the filter through which all is conceived anew. What then occurs as can be read, seen, etc, is a political movement that sees nearly all institutions, systems, and industries conspiring against them.

Protest and activism is the theater of victim consciousness. The far-left believes an ideology of endless outrage for the benefit of endless victims is a form of compassion. In the absence of god, the far-left seeks a political messiah and a victim consciousness to enhance its faux identity of compassion, tolerance, and peace. Of course, when the far-left does not get its way, it resorts to behavior anathema to its stated identity.

Salvation does not come from political revolution. Understand this. I do not want to vote for a messiah. I want to vote for a human being.