207: Birth of the Trans-Ideological (Projections of Time)

Endless simulations play abundantly across all time-based landscapes. 

Ideological time-based identities and roles serve for political theater and the deterioration of Spirit. Within the tribe is the role and process of identification of every actor identified with the time-based play and roles. Tribal narratives rely on amplification and dissemination. The roles of the tribe differentiate but ultimately unify for the sole purpose of amplification and dissemination. It is the endless cycling of egoic conflict. It is the fueling tribal and egoic conflict for the sake of engraving egoic histories in the time-based mind. One recognizes the identity of the process or One does not. Cognitive distortions riddle the ideological narrative. An ideologue speaks only to comfort the egoic narrative and myth. An ideologue does not recognize Spirit.

The caricature of the world as seen by the egoic lens is that of which is spoken of by the ideologue. Displaced identification with illusion breeds conflict. Swerve in and out of ideological lanes, shift the ideological vehicle, and play with the acceleration and deacceleration of time. 

Free oneself from time.