206: Birth of the Trans-Ideological

Truth and freedom (as expressed through language) mean more to me than to retain collective myths of any ideology (left or right).

Language paints an endless living portrait. Language is used and misused because of ideological identity and distortions therein. Political discussion has eroded with the hyper-acceleration of time-identification. To any ideologue or politico, really, a fact is an opinion grafted to an opinion. Abandon that which is not real.

Ideologies operate on distortions and myths sustaining narratives at the cost of reality. Narrative filters distort reality to sustain illusion. The true conflict is not between left and right, it is between ideological attachment and presence. 

**Qualification: criticism of an ideology is not an endorsement of binary opposite, but similar reactive behaviors. 

The play is at once. The world is a moving, shifting stage.