205: Narrative Identification, Tribal Logic, and Exiting Illusion

Formations are incomplete. 

In the material world, identity becomes salvation if only temporarily. One finds a script to read and play. In the chaos, one identifies with what is most useful and stabilizing. Spirit does not stand with a single anchor in time, there are no favorites in disintegration. I wish to walk away from this script. I wish to abstain from this play and this theater. I wish to not support any candidate or platform. To withstand all sides of a conflict, I cannot understand and watch the play without playing with an identity. 

Ideology is born. Without language, the world screams. Skin ripped from time. The architecture of bones breaking within. The extraction and relocation of time via ideological narrative transitioning is itself the work of the creative. I seek to transform time.

The ideologue cannot fathom or conjure freedom except as a projection transitioning from the approved ideological premise. Shed language as necessary. The structural components of any narrative varies according to shifting and evolving narrative lenses. 

The transitional state between language and non-language itself is a slippage and breaking. At this point, I only care about language and truth, as well as truth experience beyond language and time.