204: The Tribal Logic of Narrative Illusions

It is ideology from different angles but attachment and distortion of the world nonetheless. The greatest myth of the political world: ideological identification will save you. Variations of victim consciousness exist. Most politics is navigating people’s blind rage, hatreds, prejudices, fears, and anxieties, while hypocritically shimming in hope periodically. 

The energy to identify with an ideology, or the energy to adopt and sustain an illusion becomes the historical transcription of tribal behavior. I would describe my attempted state as trans-ideological. I want the world to travel beyond tribal logic and identification; that is, beyond tribal dialogue and distortion.

I value truth over illusion. 

Before time, there is Being.

Within mind and complete identification, there is the safety of the architectural ideological masquerading as truth. Cognitive filters shift the ideological world. Plates of time shift with tribal dancing. The focus should not be on the ideologue but on how the ideologue perceives, not according to another ideologue but by one seeking to understand. Beyond the tribal logic of narrative illusion and a world of noise is the bliss that solely exists in the realm beyond mind identification and language.