202: Politics and the Theater of Tribal Identity

I crave an end to time. 

Politics is the theater of identification. Politics is the playing field of tribal logic: the identity of the ideologue is at stake. It does not matter who is President, and yet it does if one is identified. I do not feel I owe my vote to anyone. I do not feel aggrieved or victimized (liberalism) nor do I blame others for anything (modern conservatives). 

I do not wish to get offended by a politician’s monologue knowing it is an open theater and the herd understands only reactive thought and emotion. Politics is the literature and theater of pandering to different identities. When all tribes abandon time, when all tribes abandon identity, perhaps they will recognize one another as ONE.

The foundation of time is everywhere. 

Language is an ocean containing life. On this open stage, the herd participates in the chaos as plates shift in time. I read the literature of this world as well as the transcriptions of this time.