201: Problems with Modern Liberal Ideology

Modern liberalism survives on outrage. The irony is outrage is hatred. The continued irony is it doesn’t work. And one of the main problems of modern liberalism is hatred for Others perceived to be Other-izing Others and the endless creation of villains and victims. Deep hatred is almost always rooted in cognitive distortions of reality. People hate because it gives them meaning, albeit fiction. 

Modern liberalism has become the mindset of the endlessly aggrieved: an ideology that pits dissenting opinion as racist, sexist, and worse. It is not operating in reality but in the logic of the aggrieved. I would like to see a reformed and restructured left that is, yes, based in compassion but also in facts and reality. 

What exists today is not liberalism. It is an ego narrative like any other. It is an insulated ideology interested mainly in emotional logic and sustaining narratives that enhance ideological identification. Compassion is good, but endlessly searching and creating a victim class to fulfill an ideological narrative is not.

Modern liberal ideology is based on pandering to every single victim class: real, imagined, and perceived. The legacy of liberal institutions (academia, government, and old media) is endless victim consciousness. Any ideology that preaches, consciously or unconsciously, endless victim hood (and ergo division) is poisonous, i.e., modern liberal ideology. 

The indoctrination process of the ideologue includes the installation of narrative filters. The ideologue identifies as One with the narrative fantasy that distorts reality as to sustain the given narrative. Ideology yields fantastical illusion. The ideologue believes fruition of the ideological dream will bring about the Utopia of the tribal consciousness. 

The ideologue only imagines to comprehend.