200: Trans-Ideological States, Narrative Illusions, & the End of Time

Is is the playing field of the ideologue:

Myths, distortions, and corrupted narratives. Truly interrogate one’s ideology and see it as it dissolves. To sustain a narrative myth and cognitive distortions is a failure of objectivity and truth. Ideology is the realm of narrative failures. If one is not one’s thoughts, then one is not one’s emotions nor the arrangement of perceptions and judgments based on narrative time (ideology).

Facts and reality are more important than narrative (most times).

Conflicts and wars arise from tribal egos battling over shifts in time. Tribal conflicts arise from illusions. Human identification with ideology destroys connection with Being. The foundational architecture proceeds to inhibit Spirit from traveling beyond anchored points in historical transcriptions of time. Complete identification stems from desire for safety in narrative illusion (to various degrees and lengths). The continuation of time based narrative is the will of tribal ego. The arrangement and identification of atomic and non-atomic facts is ideological. Non-atomic facts can be warped by perception of time (cognitive filters and time identifications).

Writing a bridge into nothingness.

Time based narrative identification makes One unconscious to filters and biases. One has to carve a road map to peace into plates of time.