Post no. 198: Why Politics is the Literature of Identification (Ideologues Cannot Witness Truth)

The ideologue works in concert to support narrative illusion and identification. Events as perceived by various unconscious filters. Narratives perceived and questioned from identified states of ideological narrative. Language bridges understanding in between tribes of identification. Politics is the literature of identification. 

To seek peace, one should abandon ideological identification. 

The subjective organization of facts and architecture of language to elicit emotion for the sake of political myth is American politics. The tribe rationalizes hypocrisy because cognitive filters work toward supporting the structural integrity of the narrative in lieu of truth. 

To say I AM ideology is a loss of Spirit. There is a left and right deification of myth and narrative over fact, objectivity, and reality. To seek to understand this frequency and this enclosure in this tribe only for a while: the frequency in between beings. The frequency in between tribes matters. The ideologue cannot witness truth because he first must experience fiction. To reside outside ideological structures, accounting for cognitive filters and ideological identification, I witness a transcription of time. 

A transcription of what I witness: it is a tribal communion, to witness the creation of ideological script as the collective writes histories and narratives engraved in time. 

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