Post no. 197: Freedom from Ideological Narratives

Narratives are identity enhancers.

Ideologues cannot witness their cognition errors. I have grown a distaste for ideological identities. I am trans-ideological. One must find the truth of experience beyond language and ideological identification. It is not enough to identify with one ideology and feel at home within its though structures, or to explore others and then return home to illusion. 

Language is a tool to chart this map. 

There is complete identification and then there are subtle shifts and then ultimately freedom: to exit time based ideological identity and narrative. I am writing, scrawling a map. The beginning of a road map is this. Shifts in perception are paramount. Shifts in language cause shifts in time…. listening to birds chirping. Language is my obsession. 

An ideology becomes a living surrogate. It is a fiction that has taken life. It is a narrative set on expansion. It is the extension of time and thought structures. It is a world of time and narrative identification. Cognition errors arise from ideological identification. One must abandon that which is not grounded in Being. 

Since no ideology has a monopoly on truth, I am not a liberal, nor a conservative, nor a progressive. I am evaluating language as to build better arguments: logic, facts, and reality should trump narrative. And yet, compassion matters in spite of these things.