Post no. 196: Freedom from Ideological Identity

The living breathing subject identities with an ideology and becomes its actor. The mind perceives truth and yet it is only a fragment of a larger fiction, and yet another identity, another play.

The mind perceives within a cordoned off area of the subjective landscape and proclaims it the ultimate capitol of truth. The mind perceives within an identity. The ideological cannot see the full picture of this chaotic play on the infinite. Adherents fish for the answers in this stream.

There is an endless stream of meta-narratives. One strives for a post-ideological world. To transform the world, One must choose freedom from ideological identity.

Freedom from ideological identity: erasure as the state to unbind from ideological identity, extinction as happens to ossified malfunctioning processes and thought patterns, as is traditional decay.

Identification to an ideological state for appeasing worries of the culturally inflicted mind.

The creation state and process centers in structure and or chaos. Pilfer ideologies for their usefulness: a trans-ideological state to begin. 

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