Post no. 194: Ideological Destruction

Stillness cuts through time…

And it begins with silencing the mind. There is a way out of hell. There is a way to exit time identification. In between these plates of time, sometimes language acts as a bridge. The mind races until it slows and breaks down to a crawl and finally into stillness. Finding, unearthing faint abstract hopes. Chasing the salvation from language, chasing narratives into Oblivion: an endless arrangement of everything imagined, real, or perceived, an endless arrangement of cultural narratives perceiving endlessly. This narrative and this ideology, this tradition and this mythology, this thing and this event, this and this and that. WhatΒ isΒ happiness? If one is honest, it comes down to expectations of, need for, want of perceived mutations of happiness. I would inevitably ask why? To be drunk on narration and yet time ages judgment like wine. Alone in my mind, all I had was language and time. The interpretive filters for diagnosing reality are so fucked within mainstream thought and that’s why everything is, well, what it is… the realm of the symbolic… end the outrage circus of the ideological identification… it is the mind that crafts endless narratives to play. The outer-world is the manifestation of endless forms… The inner-realm, however, isΒ a space beyond time. It is a formless, timeless, language less space of stillness that yields eternal peace, if only in fragments of perceived experience. To exit-time is an inner-phenomenon. To exit time is not an outer-world event. There is something more beyond this cosmic play. There is more to life than to sustain an illusion. Ideologies offer interpretations masquerading as truth. One’s existence becomes indentured servitude to this fiction. Identification serves as safe pastures. Cognitive filters serve as reinforcement to explanatory all-encompassing narratives. The foundational emotions spring from the interpretation of the foundational event. The anchoring event takes place. Gravitational anchoring of original emotion shapes perception identification of ideological filters. The gravitational pull between pain and love, fear and other emotions distorts, tears, shapes time narratives. Cognitive filters originate from perceived pain and cultural and social programming. Cognitive distortions interpret reality and present narrative time fictions as truth. It is time narrative sustained by symbolic events and filters to interpret and confirm according to one’s identification. It is delusion running rampant. It is the narrative that sustains identification, and vice versa.Β 

Ideology is the transference of time.