Post no. 193: Tribal Illusions (Why All Ideologies Fail)

What feeds each side is their respective interpretation of time. EXIT and abandon this binary first: EXIT conservatism, EXIT liberalism. EXIT all illusions. EXIT tribe and time. They believe in the necessary illusion of cultural logic and meta-narrative. Some believe in necessary illusions of ego based fantasies and illusions: One tribe and its cultural fiction and One and any Other tribe and their respective fiction endlessly at war. 

Unconscious identification breeds fantasy, illusion, conspiracy, fear. Unconscious identification anchors fantasy and narrative fiction. The relationship between self and fiction, ego and cultural narrative, is mostly unconscious. Complete identification with fiction completes complete distortion of reality. The narrative switch from micro to macro levels of thought encompasses many of the same cognitive and narrative distortions of reality.

Cognitive and narrative distortions occur at micro and macro levels of thought, from fiction of self to larger fictions of tribes and herds. The tribe wants to own and understand the narrative. The tribe wants to interact with the narrative. Identification strengthens narrative. It is the magic of the theater breaking. It is the subjective taste of humanity that breeds ideology in one thing. It is the will of Spirit breaking. It is yet a fragment of the timeless One remembering. It is complete stillness that completes narration.

The language that carves freedom is the language emptying itself from histories. The language that abandons forms and attachments, narratives and mythology: finalize the language that abandons. Feel the shift in earth. The sculpture of interpretation breathes.

The peace of god comes without time.