Post no. 191: Why All Political Opinions Are Wrong

Abandon the belief that an ideology will yield peace.

Give up the weight of carrying such an illusion. The key to world peace is not for battling ideologies. It is to erase and give up the weight of carrying the skin of language as it is aged with time. The raw language of the perceived process: variations in the existence of ideological functions breed different outcomes. An ideology does not seek peace, it seeks only to sustain itself. 

It is a cosmic play at war with itself and Others. 

It is one narrative and its adherents against another narrative and its adherents. Narrative ideologies wage a theater for the Globe: language, mind, cognitive distortions, architecture of language, narrative addictions to time, primal biological tribe tendencies. Understand the process of interpretation, the architecture of language, the realm of the formless inner-world.

Narratives feed on time.

Ideology offers false protection against all perceived Others. To identify with One ideology over another is a result of cognitive filter differentiation. Fear and a yearning for love, acceptance, protection yield designer cognitive distortions later tailored for larger tribal and cultural needs. All ideologies and tribes are at play with some form of cognitive and cultural distortion. Cognitive distortions masquerade as atomic facts with the aid of emotional logic and fallacy. All cognitive distortions aid narrative distortions. 

Frequency of a narrative is determined by root idea, thought, emotion, and cognitive distortions therein. Cognitive errors in agreement with emotional frequency of narrative remain unchecked in cultural dialogue. Unlock time. There is freedom away from time narratives and reality destroying distortions.

True freedom rests outside ideology.