Post no. 190: Cosmic Play & Narrative Transformations

The actor is identified with a role in this play. Forms in the narrative play become fixed in time. The Origin of ideology is attachment to forms in the narrative trajectory. Disruptions to narrative trajectory  and structural transformations are part of the survival process. The play of the structure and its ideas was set with familiar expectations of any given narrative. The film was pre-written in mind. The familiarity of the structure, of its ideas, and perceived protection offered temporal, situation truth on a foundational shifting plate. To accept a deviation in narrative trajectory is one aspect of correcting course. Any disruption to the trajectory of the main narrative may result in a state crash (emotional, psychological, spiritual, et at). 

One narrative as the main track of unconscious identification becomes the main source of cognitive and narrative distortion. To stay present during a state crash as to write a manual for navigation. Much unhappiness is caused by narrative disruption. Ask WHY. Complete acceptance is key, then let go: non-resistance, non-judgement, non-attachment. 

What is happiness? The WHY and HOW of happiness. I had a state crash recently. The first one in a few weeks. I know what triggered it. And I began to reframe reality immediately recognizing the cognitive and narrative distortion. I then looked at thought and emotion. I let go of framing and diagnosing and began accepting the emotion and my state crash. Full, complete acceptance of what is. 

There’s purgatory to structure identification. 

Outside the narrative confines of structure and ideology: pain is inconsequential, perceived failure inconsequential, fear inconsequential, sense of ego inconsequential, criticism inconsequential. 

The clarity and bliss of presence, or the I AM consciousness of Being, is revealed outside fixed structural and narrative attachments. It is outside the mind’s entrenched distortion of what is. 

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