Post no. 189: In the Language of Mind

I am writing to witness the language of my mind. I am writing all over the place. ONE perception breeds and collects hosts: the systematic dialogue and interpretive foundation to navigate the outer world. A thought is not complete truth, an emotion is not truth. An ideologue cannot witness truth. Ideology exists as a formation of strategic distortions that interpret the time based narrative. Ideology is how one distorts truth. It is the distortion of fact that becomes One. Cognitive distortions falsify truth. 

I witness the face of time. 

As I have grown, I have felt disgusted with time. I used to believe I could write a narrative to end all perceptions in the compartment of One, to end the identification of this narrative, to exit chaos, to witness all narratives at once… to close oneself to the outer world, one enters the inner-world.

Time is non-existent in this realm. Architecture is forgotten. 

In complete meditation, there is nothing.