Post no. 188: Time-Level Identification

The speed and depth of language identification becomes the hallmark of the time based subject. Away from a world of identities, the disruption of a process becomes the foundation of letting go. The application of language is an art. It is temporarily the literature of disruption: literature as the interpretive transcription of time based identity yields to a non-time based identity to comprehend this map-less landscape and yet I feel…

Witness the contextual condition of any perceived subject, the shell of form, its movement toward a perceived object, the gravitational pull… the willful destruction of time. The literature of fragmentation… casings of a time based argument, language structures based on protection of an identity. Postmodernism is the end of time based literature… time based-literature Vs non-time based literature… the erosion and revolutions of time based literature(s). In the beginning, I felt language would leave a trail towards truth, something un-explainable… beneath the surface of time One finds the non-thought based consciousness, the non-being Being identity-less realm of the inner-world. 

Time-level identification is the realm of all conflict.