Post no. 184: Lines on Earth

Surrender to the World. 

Engrave these walls with an unbearable love. 

In the language of a god I do not understand, I breathe. I am not that I am to wish or want, but to become detached, deformed, surrendered beyond this time, a servant to a formless Being. I am not what I wish to understand. It is a structure dependent on the collective unconscious will. 

Forms age with time. 

Colors run and breathe. 

The living, breathing portrait of the world becomes even more real, for the will of god to exit pain, to exit time. Dreams strengthen the heart. A return to Source, a landless, formless, timeless, unbearable surrender. IN a space without language, without form. The swelling silence of the unimaginable becomes real. I am lost where nothing is recognizable. I wish to understand how I don’t: a trail of language transforms. Punctuation like rivets, hinges, and gaskets. Architecture does not want. 



( enter silence )