Post no. 182: Lucid Dreams and the Destruction of Time

As I live in time, I dream of the timeless.

The literature of god is erased. Love and embrace the present moment. Cast a vote for chaos. To let go of any foundation is to let slide the tectonic plates of time. It is the realm walled off from Being, from One, from God. Let go of freedom (from previous definitions). To let go of time: it is the only duty of any actor in this cosmic play. It is the only accomplishment that matters. It is the degree to which one lets go. It is the degree to which identification is loosened.

An infinite play of roles take shape. 

Perhaps a carpenter, the sculptor perhaps is a philosopher. Pain fades as it is exposed to light. Worlds of metaphor come alive. The canvas and sculpture standby as the cartographer works and the actor plays as the driver and the witness experience a shift in time.

Within the architecture, the materials of time, resurface…

And a beginning, a crystallization, discussions playing out in time, as the experience becomes you


KEEX art, for SALE: $4,000,000.00