post no. 171: philosophical investigations (shields of time)

to contribute to literature across time _ a contribution toward a literature towards awakening, something wholly anti-postmodern. It is the flagrant stubborn nature of ego to evolve and die. There exists more beyond time. It is not enough to feel alone. It is not enough to die a million little deaths in the mind. It is not allowable to allow that which is illusion… The collective narrative marches toward a cliff and believes it is free and the infinite fragmentation becomes the inner and inter dialogue of our tribes.

In the chamber of an ancient heart, a lyrical creature roams the streets of time. It refuses to speak language and becomes unrecognizable.

When there are different energies anchored or floating points on the shifting terrain of time, as is, Being the I that writes. I read to understand the minds of god. I am completely disregarding rules for worlds of metaphors. As the wolf learns to write, it becomes god. I read a sentence and watched as it fell apart. To feel connected to someone, anything, albeit digitally. 

The philosophical investigation is the mapping of time, of narrative, of the illusion called self. It is the investigation of self. The space between the fragmented world in which the subject resides and the formless allowance of Being is the internal mapping. I am not my thoughts, emotions, signature error processes, material possessions, title, or language, says the subject. The error is the signature of the imperfect process.

The filtering process of thought as well as the filtering process of emotion as to the mapping according to the attachment and identification with time is the foundational error. Fragments can magnify and minimize time.

My heart wrote a book, it’s never been read.


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artwork: previously life on mars, painted over.