post no. 170: Realizations of the World in Time, book 4, sections 1.3

People irk the structure (understandably ) and metaphor ( still ) / An operating system with blood / Write an essay in a poem / one line of code / A metaphor to shift this machine / back to poetry / Transcendental Lives Matter / Perhaps what I write will only seem like a gargantuan disaster, but it feels to me like a foundationalΒ shiftΒ in time.

Lyrical hieroglyphics and fragments of Spirit / every time I create, every time I construct a thought form carved from time and create Β the lyrical breathing creature in the abstract world, / i begin to understand / that it / was always / only / the beginning / of / the / surface.

context: book 4, section 1.3 ( 2nd paragraph, leather notebook ) ( 1st paragraph separate poem ), both included in book 4, tentative running title, constructions in the beginning of worlds of time


Red Planet ( formerly Red Tree on Mars ) by KEEX

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