post 168: book 4, sections 1.1 & 1.2

context: w/ books 1-3, they were written in notebooks 1-4 and then transcribed and typed and uploaded for download. w/ book 4, i will write in notebook 5 (leather bound) and transcribe and post on blog as is written.


The subject believes in Time. It is the ingrained conscious beliefs of the collective experience. Without time, there is no identity for the subject. Without the familiarity of unconscious delusion, there is no reality for the subject… IN the world of the story, there is every apparatus for the time based realm to continue. IT is the magnification of Time. It is the conditioned existence of fiction to continue from one delusion to another. Within the delusion of the story, there is an intensified dream in between egos. It is the creative destruction of human identification with time, thought, and form. IT is the natural, unnatural state. 


The picture speaks. The environment as it serves the ego of the subject transforms. Light breaks through time. Indivisible love belongs in the hearts of gods. Transforming the conditioned ideologies of the hateful, consciousness awakens on a worldwide scale. Begin to unload the lyrical dimensions of Life in the moments of now. The story becomes the vehicle serving an imprint of time consciousness. The character is the self. And the self is not real in a Spiritual sense, if only a material sense.