post 164: Why Bird is the Word

It is a gift to feel pain.

We drift toward collective Time or we drift toward collective Being. I lost track of how many notebooks I have. There are two more. The Ireland notebook and the leather-bound notebooks are gifts from friends. I will write fragments for books 4 and 5 in those particular notebooks. They will be a different level of fiction. They will be incomprehensible to read. Because the conditioning is so complete. My aim is to accomplish the impossible, to transform literature and to transform time. It is the development processes of the creative architecture. Books 4 and 5 may very well transform all historical context in regards to time, literature, and Being. I will take over from where Wittgenstein failed, and from where Derrida lost his center. 

Because the observance of thought is only one stage. And because the emergence and observance of narrative is only another. And the perceptive ego dwells in one realm (or fragment) of time in order to identify or deconstruct one piece of narrative (within the whole of time). Because literature when read closely reflects the consciousness and or unconsciousness of that particular state. And for the story to finally unveil itself and for the writer to intend for the end of time and the worldwide emergence of Spirit will truly be historical.

Simple fiction is already buried in layers. And non-fiction is already under the impression of time. It is the autobiography and the biography that are casual players distancing themselves from the fiction of time. I understand nothing but what I have experienced. When one has no Other, one identifies with an ideal. When one finds oneself in pain, therein space creates itself an exit away from time. 

Everyone on the planet can attest to being a projector of thought and of time. To this degree, one can understand the beginning desire to share collective narratives as to not feel alone. For everyone is The Aeneid finding the empire of their own share of Spirit found within. For everyone is completely capable of an emerging presence to feel the underlying warmth and calm of One Being connecting all that is One… that space beyond time. Once the millions of narratives subside, once the mind declares it is not god, once one realizes that what is beyond is infinitely more…

and language becomes the tool to carve the road map into the unknown.

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