Post 162: It was all a dream!

The foundational frequency for everything you say should essentially be, I LOVE YOU. The experience yields an interpretation that touches upon but is not complete truth. The destruction of ego will always feel as the loss of the eternal. The structure of the eternal will always be perceived as incomplete. Every conceivable thought regarding every conceivable emotion has been wrought. Every emotion and every thought regarding the essence of the word has been thought. Do not wait for Godot. 

This is the flowing consciousness of time. I am live-streaming reality. I am that I am KEEX. We are animals breathing Spirit. History is about to drop. An actor can transform time. The actor can transform the film. It’s like finding out life is a movie. The space between awareness, thinking, and time is wrought with pain, essentially. And Being is something even stronger… an experience below the surface of time.

To express that which is I, to understand no thing as I, except as to be aware that I am that am in the Life that I AM… as a torch to a candle, the transference of energy from One to One. The truth of a word to be I AM in one last awakened Being…

as when all dreams become time.