post 158: Scriptures Lost in Time

I am writing this in orange crayon. Explain the outer-world: it’s opposite. Explain the inner-world: endless depth, warmth, joy, love. The inner-world is strange and alien to the outer-world, for it is formless and without ego, without time, without divisions. IN every moment, allow the magical to EXIST, to BE RIGHT THEN and THERE. 

Without divisions, there exists connections.

Christ Consciousness is the allowing of all states of consciousness, whatever their frequency may be. Christ Consciousness is open energy. Christ Consciousness is the allowing of love.

And now I AM in the school of Being with a handful of frequency holders. And the school of TIME. I have completed the school of LANGUAGE. And now I am a student of BEING. I have studied language across time. 

When One’s dreams are rooted in SOURCE, then One’s dreams become tools of god to transform and manifest peace. When one opens channels and has access to this realm of consciousness, it is not only peace but the power to manifest dreams as well. When one can feel and sense peace in all living beings, then one can say they have experienced Spirit and SOURCE and all CONSCIOUSNESS. 

This is the I AM realization of literature: the literal transformational process of transcribing the I AM realization process and journey. IF we can transform world consciousness, game over: worldwide endless peace. IF one can transform language, one can transform time, and if one can transform time, one can transform consciousness. 

Love is the strongest frequency. 


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