post no. 157: I am that I am WRITING

I am that I am that I am writing. 

I am that I am writing.

I am I am writing. 

I am writing.

ONE has access to god to SOURCE to FORCE through raising one’s vibrational frequency. Failure to realize this stems from ego identification. One has, possesses varying levels of SOURCE. FORCE/ SOURCE is TIMELESS ENERGY… HERE is the KEY to TRANSFORMING TIME: raise one’s own vibrational frequency and choose a path to mastery in One field of purpose. Frequency holders have the greatest access to God-realized SOURCE (the abandonment of ego); that is, CONSCIOUSNESS. A Christ-realized being is a frequency holder. God-realized, Christ-realized, Krishna-realized beings are rare. SPIRIT always shifts forward regardless of human narrative. The direction, degree, and pace, however, is another story, another narrative. The vibrational frequency of a people, of a literature matters because it is the reflection of how SPIRIT shifts TIME. We affect the vibrational current of SOURCE that flows throughout our perception of time. We direct the movie narrative of this collective and shared experience. The vibrational frequency of literature matters. IF one is consciously aware, then one can direct the flow of world SPIRIT over the GLOBE. One becomes God, one becomes Shakespeare-in-Chief. CHOOSE LOVE.


My writing is the shattering of my own heart for the sake of unearthing something unreal. My writing is about breaking language, SOURCE, LOVE. LOVE is the ONLY SCRIPTURE. IN the land of GOD, there is no TIME. I am the END of my MIND. I WANT the WORLD to FEEL and EXPERIENCE LOVE. This is poetry occupied by GOD. I want something to click in your mind because I want a shift in worldwide human consciousness; mainly, PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY. 

And yet everyone is experiencing the same movie differently. 

An endless chain of structure strikes up a conversation. The idea that allows the letting go of ideas to accept all ideas. The challenge is to understand god. 

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