post no. 156: Meditations on the Destruction of Time

Hi, my name is KEEX and my goal is to transform the world by writing god-level shit that shifts the foundations of time. LOVE is the ONLY WAY. The world has made LOVE ideological. Ergo, ego based. ALL I CARE ABOUT, ALL I EVER WANT to do IS WRITE GOD-LEVEL FUCKING SHIT. The texturized subtlety of Being arises according to the narrative, according to the writer’s connection to SOURCE. Poetry is the expression of god; literature is the expression of time. It is the characterization of god’s love lost in the presence of time. It is the slow abandonment of ego that creates pain in the separation of attachment (often self-inflicted through time-based, time-obsessed narratives). The realization of god is wrought through endless suffering. It is the outer-perception of time that is destroyed within mind as One unearths the God within. It is the displacement of the transcendental. To reach these states of Being takes time, pain, thought, and silence, in the pursuit of peace, calm, and love. IN SILENCE, ONE HEARS the UNIVERSE SHIFT. The movement of god is drenched in TIME. Pain equals TRANSFORMATION. Drench the WORLD with GOD. ( LOVE )