post no. 154: the literature of self-realization (towards a world without time)

Truth is in the experience. Truth is the primary reason. What more can one want than truth? What do you want from life, they say? What would Tolstoy do? IT’s cold, I’m tired and sleepy, and et cetera, but that’s not an option. Spiritual transformation begins with One: a decentralized, spiritual movement that echoes an ancient truth. We cannot allow fear to exist as it has. In the late 19th and early 20th century, there was a new thought movement by frequency holders. It is what is needed. Much of the world is mired in lower consciousness, which won’t be healed by existing standards and norms of the current vibrational frequency, by the fragmentation and division that exists. One has to transform/ shift / consciousness / for the world’s survival. There is no alternative. 

To shift time, to shift consciousness requires this:

fearlessness against judgment. 

The truest self is the barest self. And now, now I know it’s the abandonment of the very narrative and that self-realization is what allows for the experience of truth as One. I used to believe one could unearth some resemblance of Being from narrative time. I used to feel I could extract truth from narratives. Whatever I write will mostly be unreadable. Poetry expresses God through the dissolving of the very structure that encases the caricature of the thing that is infinitely more. Writing poetry is like cooking with language on a spiritual level, you know. 

Form rules through master narratives while self-realization ( god-realization ) rules through Being. We have created narratives that have abandoned God, abandoned Being, abandoned Spirit. We have created narratives that have transformed One into Others. We have created narratives that have abandoned god. God roams the streets of time. God wears a sign that reads God bless. God stands on the street corner. Where is god? God sleeps on the streets. Where is god? God walks the streets. In the cold asking for change, god sleeps on the bus dreaming. Homelessness is proof of our own inhumanity. It is proof one has abandoned god as a society. 

God is endless, unforgivable love. 

To abandon all thought is to reach enlightenment. To abandon a thought is to regain peace. This is literature in real-time. This is the literature of self-realization. I can accept all Others. One must accept One. How to we reach endless peace on Earth? I want peace. I want peace in my life. I want peace for the world. I see a world experiencing itself as Other. There is no limit to the amount of peace and calm one can feel; this holds true for suffering and pain as well. One must choose which One. Become the world before time. Love the world. Engage in value with the world. Everybody wins. In silence, there is no time. Imagine the end of time, the end of ego based divisions. The end of conflict and the beginning of endless peace. We as the world can forge a new script. The very nature of language exists on a collective acceptance of illusion. It assumes the value of its world. Every sentence is inherently flawed. Most literature is a flawed transcription of time. The world must awaken. WE must replace fear with LOVE. If we cherished life, there would be no conflict. If everyone in the world felt loved, protected, and accepted, there would no conflict, no violence, and, of course, no war. I want there to be love for everyone. I want there to be god. I want there to be peace. I feel alone. I feel the crushing weight of time. I am attempting to transcribe this endless process. I want to feel god. I am writing because there must be a way out of this living hell. One must wage peace, One must wage compassion, One must wage LOVE.