post 152: a world drenched in god

Every moment, every second matters, time is passing.

Think of Faulkner learning that Silence is endless bliss.

It is the Sound that is not time.

It is a vision that appeared past walls. It is love in a timeless land. It is an ancient motion picture Being viewed. It is the sculptor beginning. It is the timeless transforming. It is the narrative that we live.

As we run collectively through time, we gravitate closer toward Being. It is the endless trace of Spirit. It is the essence of self-realization through transcendence. It is the essence of meditation. God’s first breath and last exhalation . A binary must embody a significant time change. There is objective love, and there is subjective love, there is Time & Being.

Begin an endless descent. Allow us to self-realize, allow us to Love Oneself. Allow us to expand as One consciousness. Allow us to span the breath of time, of Spirit. Sleep in peace. In the wilderness, there is warmth. I cannot understand what I write…. freedom to exit thought… I close my eyes and see light. I will only insult you with love.

I have solved the problem of literature. My only objective: the inner-world of objective truth, of God-realization, of Oneness with Source. The truth is the inner-world of objective truth, of God-realization, of Oneness with Source. Then there are the fragments of the outer-world, of form and thought, of subjective truth.

I am transcribing a Spiritual transformation. I am transcribing my experiences in time as they dissolve. Writing on floors, the love of god flows through you. I will imagine unconditional love. I will imagine the infinite potential of any given sentence. I will consider one million points of language. It is in the breath of Spirit one discovers the endless breadth of Source. This is how we shape time by sculpting. This is how we shape time. We need to open the channels of love.

We need to open the channels of love. We need to accept one another’s existence. We need to accept one another. Become One with the Objective truth. Pray for absolute forgiveness. Set aside the limiting narrative of cynicism. If only for a fraction of time, if one could imagine love.

Do you know the unbearable torment to know god exists? I want to write a masterpiece for the world, I want to transform time. My heart wants to transform time. Our only goal in life should be to communicate with God.

The Globe must be drenched in silence for god to speak.

It will take unbearable compassion to forgive oneself and Others.



LOVE. AND. COMPASSION. For every action one must ask: is it rooted in love and compassion?




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