post 151: God in Pain

There is often energy lost in time.

Hear the machine, the entirety of the machine.

I want to want nothing.

ONE is drawn to fear or ONE is drawn to LOVE.

Feel pain, wade through it, dive in, experience it fully, allow it to pass, and discover what is Beyond it. Divine love, peace, calm.

On the foundational level, there is god-essence.

Fragments of light begin to illuminate caves. As the outer-world of unconsciousness and time becomes more fragmented, Being begins to breakthrough. And then tectonic shifts on planes of time, a fragmentation of narratives with larger shifts. One can affect one.

With the end of pain being an end to unconsciousness, a disruption in time is essentially a shift in consciousness. The realization of Being is the beginning of the larger realization of this inner-world, of this timeless state.

The end of the world will not be an asteroid but the end of time. The end of the identification with mind, with fear, with hatred. And how and why does one enter the Spiritual journey, the Spiritual realm? For me, it was pain. What is more real than form is the energy that animates it. We are the consciousness encased in form. We are not the vehicle (body), narrative, or symbolic system. This is a primal atomic fact. And yet with language and thought we can create worlds of time. 

I am what I am and what I am is not form.

To explore this realm begins with an understanding that begins with a shift in consciousness. The Life that animates all form springs from Source. We are that which exists on a plane we can’t fully see or understand yet. We are identified with the surface-level of reality. We believe we are attachment to narratives, forms, and time, but we are not these things. This is a cosmic play.

A shift in time is caused by a disruption of the cosmic play, a cessation in time that is felt by its actors. Our energy, collectively, can cause shifts in time. Our energy will affect the totality of the life that surrounds us.

We must cease with the caricature of the idea — love, God, timelessness — and seek its reality within Being.

There are always already tribes of unconsciousness. 

It will only be the collective consciousness of a nation that will achieve peace.

Everyone contains love (to varying degrees). 

It is the stillness of the inner-world that one drowns in the peace and calm of consciousness. It is an ocean of god.

But one has to experience this love. One must possess the knowledge of why one exists. It is Spiritual agriculture to cultivate lands that have been unknown to time.

There is an endless becoming of One.

There is war because there is spiritual unconsciousness. 

And yet…

There exists a love that transcends all. 


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