One Day the World Will Choose Love

One day, humanity will choose love over fear.

One day, this will become apparent on a worldwide scale. One day, peace will reign. One day, the fear and selfishness of man will dissolve. The artificial borders we create, the narratives and tribal customs we identify with are all human-made, mind-made. They are fictions made real.

Beyond labels, products, titles, things, and the narratives one identifies with, there is Source that animates all forms. It is not a thing. It is not a possession. It is not a culture. It is not a product to buy. What I am speaking about is energy. It is Spirit.

We find peace and calm in the the space of no thing. It is not a sacred-object to obtain, friends. IT is a self-realization about connectivity. The caricature that exists is not truth. Strip away archaic notions of God and dogma and institutional top-down governance. Strip away all and find what remains. Start there, friends. 

It is not weakness to allow yourself to express emotion. People are afraid to appear vulnerable. The cynics are the most afraid. Strip away ego and strip away fear. I’d rather see 1,000,000 tweets about compassion, empathy, and solidarity than click bait. 

Compassion matters.