As the World Moves Forward in Time

One must aim for a shift in consciousness.

One needs language so strong in power, in meaning, it will cause a cosmic shift in time, in consciousness. The world’s greatest metaphor has yet to be written. If all consciousness is poured into all living beings, then the end of the world would be a return to source, to one living Being. It would be fragmentation healed. It is a flooding of consciousness. It is the endless cosmic motion picture playing before our eyes. It is the collective rendering of one experience. It is the archaeology of Spirit, of Time, and Being.

It is an excavation of the heart’s content. As is the case, it is not a philosophical investigation but a philosophical excavation of time. The world is the narrative come alive within the actor identifying with the play. The narrative is as is written. The world is the world is the world.

It is identification with form that begins a chain of identifications, obsessions with fiction. We are creatures filled with consciousness, animated with Spirit, and yet we are deluded and believe we are form.

The most dangerous word in language is love. It is an idea that at best is misunderstood, it is a word that describes many things all at once and has lost value as a signifier, yet can still exist wholly as a transcendental signified. What is humanity but a collection of flesh filled with consciousness?

I was a literary creature roaming the streets of time. And within that world, there was more within mind, within time, and within the world of stories I would read and create. A collective narrative creating more psychological time, cosmic drama and pain. A creature living in a world that often felt surreal in its madness. A creature tortured in time. And yet still, no matter how straight my teeth are now, or how fit I feel (relative to past), I still at times feels like that monster no one loved alone in time.

A cosmic motion picture. The past feels like a distant dream.


I have been fortunate to have had my reality destroyed, to fall endlessly, to experience merciless unending pain. Let go of any and all fears. Let go. You can be free, you are free, as soon as you allow yourself to be. I want the world to be free of prejudice, of hatred, of fear. I want all of you to be free.