Autobiography of the KEEXZUS, no. 5: Schizophrenia and Time

Transform the nature of time, of Being, unleash Spirit.

Drown in the creative Spirit of Being.

I can often hear birds sing, as the wind speaks its language. Into frontiers unknown, we begin to transform. From an ocean of consciousness, we are vessels filled with Spirit. Identification with the mind and body is the beginning. We will then identify with the ideology and system that best serves our interests and outlooks. In this dream, there will be ideological blind spots caused by identification with forms. In this dream, we will believe we are each fighting for our own version of freedom. In this cosmic drama, we play our roles.

Now let us rip away the face of time.

I am in my car listening to Santana. I haven’t cried in weeks. I feel relatively healthy, save a few cavities. I relinquish all heroes from my past: Dostoevsky, Kafka, Chomsky, Derrida, Zizek, Hegel, and Shakespeare. Sometimes I fear I will truly die alone. 

 It is this world that is unfolding…

within a theater. 

Not just the expectation of a sole binary, but the expectation of its deconstruction, and the exploration of transcendence. That is the most succinct way I can transcribe the rotating event. To create space where one can talk about things without ideological attachment or endorsement. That being said, the most dangerous thing is to write and say out loud what one truly thinks (if it originates from Source). Most of the world is afraid because they speak from the ego they identify with. 

The exploration of thought and the exploration of time and narrative is necessary. Prohibition creates want, outrage creates resentment, and yet these are the tools of modern discourse. (political). To transform the political world will perhaps require something more powerful than ancient rules on limiting thought structure. IF at a foundational level one wants peace, then what is the road toward that goal?

It is not what has been.

The transformation of world consciousness toward an end goal of sustained peace will require an unprecedented love. 

And perhaps that is the most misused word in language if only because it is often applied to material consciousness and form. And a final portrait even now is far away and incomplete. The consideration for the world to comprehend and dwell in the vertical dimension of time and inherit the inner world of Spirit will take time…

It will take the very thing it will need to overcome.