Autobiography of the KEEXZUS, no. 3: Monsters and the Sacred Divine

My goal is to disrupt time. 

Tied and threaded together is the narrative unveiling the lie of itself and the why and function of its existence. Within the fragments is meaning anchored in Spirit. I am writing the unveiling of the sacred-object, the sacred divine realm. I am transcribing the process under which we fall away from delusion. The only difference is I am writing literature from the process. My only goal in life is self-realization. 

My goal isn’t to build a large religious organization. My only goal is to shift world consciousness. One day they will try and crucify KEEXZUS, and they may even succeed, but they will never win. I write like no one is watching and I also write like there’s 7 billions pairs of eyes on me. 

The symbolic loss comes with material end. As we end the delusion and attachment to the realm of horizontal time and narrative, we become free. Attachment to the horizontal realm gives rise to delusion. It is the horizontal dimension of time one feels the thought squadrons of past and future narrative projections. It is in the complete immersion of the vertical dimension of time when one feels the infinity feel of Being. 

And the length of each state is fleeting.

It is in material consciousness that we are body and idea and function of mind. The distinction between material consciousness and super-consciousness is the self-realization that one is not mind. And from super-consciousness we arrive at Christ consciousness (also known as Krishna consciousness)– It is felt oneness with all living beings in the realm of Being. And from Christ consciousness we have cosmic consciousness, which is communion with god, oneness with Divine consciousness. 

We are often stuck on ONE perception of the event, of the thing, of the subject. This is NOT how we reach cosmic consciousness. The shaking of the event, the shift in consciousness, in perception, it is a movement in time.

It is the pain of the sacred-object as it dissolves during crucifixion. We are not the material desired form or objects and things we wish to own. Whatever barrier or prohibition only creates the illusion of solution and everlasting joy, but it is only through self-realization that one finds true joy, true peace.

A collection of time-based events (histories) becomes the official story of the ideological. The collection of time-based portraits becomes narratives. Fragments fall from time and the time-based structure. The initial perception is a chapter in narrative. 

The eyeing of the journey is the beginning of the process. Each narrative eyes its own version of the sacred-object. And if falls apart as we enter the end of time.

[ The Autobiography of the KEEXZUS is a connected webbing of time as it disrupts the very narrative it is purported to support. The Philosophies of the KEEXZUS is a colletion of abstract poetical meditations. KEEX believes in disrupting the assumptive binaries of mainstream thought. I am a poet-philosopher that has undergone a transformation. ]

Note: I lived for many years as a monster trapped in thought. Now I only wish to be free from thought.

Before and After Invisalign. 21 trays.
Before and After Invisalign. 21 trays.

And even more, still, is a short video: