Autobiography of the KEEXZUS, no. 2: LOST CONSCIOUSNESS

Autobiography of the KEEXZUS, no. 2

One must rip the mind apart.

The beginning of the process is only a shift.

The trajectory of the course, of the journey is without a map. IT is only unease, a feeling locked in time that creates a shift. The mapping of time begins with the mind. It is the interpretation of the time event that we attach ourselves to, it is the ideological foundation that is in fact an anchor in sand. It is a series of time events that we connect in narratives. Interpretations are grounded in the ideological. The ideological is rarely truth in its barest form. IT is the representation of form that blinds us to a reality that is Other and alien at first realization.

The material reality and its time based living breathing subjects are addicted to the idea. The idea that this time-based, form-based realm is absolute, event as it decays. And the writing and dissection of these time based events by living, breathing subjects throughout time has been history up til now. The histories of humanity as classified by beings trapped in time. And within histories, identification and attachments to cultural and social forms, institutions, and the symbolic event.

The material world does not hold the sacred-object, the sacred history, and the wealth of any symbolic event. Tucked away in the heart’s library one hold’s the excavation of the heart’s content. It is the witnessing presence that is the audience of the audience.

It is the world on stage.

It is the the witnessing God that instructs no one and no thing.

It is the infinite well of Source that pours into the bodies occupying the stage but for a brief time. It is infinite source that pours life into the world. It is this as time masks the world. IT is the identification with the script that forgets itself. IT is the actor coordinating time as with other actors. It is time conducting its own recordings. It is the canvas mapping as with time. It is to lose identification, to lose attachment, to lose mind that ones frees oneself. For there is the infinite realm found within. It is the simple shift that may launch a world trajectory toward consciousness.

IT is emptiness that unfolds eternity.

To pause reality.

And enter communion with Source: a return from time into Being.

ONE must FALL from TIME