Autobiography of the KEEXZUS, part 1: LOST in TIME. [post 140]


The primordial binary is Being & Time.

The language of the inner world is silence. It is the endless peace of god as is the formless realm of source. The stories of the outer world are tempting and engrossing. The thinker is often the sculptor. Writing is the feeling of time, it is the mapping of the material world. It is not the writing that matters. It is what it reveals.

One is Spirit animating form. One is the subjective experience of god in the time based realm. Narratives and thought systems of the outer world are entrenched in the idea that one is time, one is form, and one is the titles and stories one tells oneself. The opposite is true.

My sole purpose in life is god-realization. Realizing immortal Spirit.

It is the excavation of Time that unearths Being.

Book 1 is fragmentation. It is the protagonist’s search for the real in fragmentation. It is not enough to chase meaning in the outer world. Book 1 ends with the beginning of self-realization. Book 2 is the collection of larger fragmentation in time.They are woven as they materialize. Realizations away from time are transcribed. Book 3 is the beginning of a novel that quickly becomes a tractatus for the philosophical inquiries of time and being. It is the excavation and realization of source within.