Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 137: Reincarnations of Time Based Narratives


The canvas erodes.

The material of time, of form, of time based happiness dissolves.

What is sought in the outer, even if found, will dissolves in time. Time and Being are the primordial binary, is the primordial binary. The inner world and the outer world cannot see one another clearly. States without time yield connections to source. Exits in time lead to source, to endless spirit. Love without form is god. The search for meaning in the material world will yield fleeting results, ephemeral satisfaction, the evaporation of happiness as with time. The abandonment of time is not without sound. The walls and mountains of judgment, attachment, and resistance dissolve with no-thought. The experience of source is communion with god. The creation of form is manifested by thought. Love is a timeless state. 

When we write, we construct time. 

We are not the language that we perceive. Alone in the abyss, in the vertical dimension of time, we are not the time that we perceive. It is consciousness observing the mind unveiling time. Life seeks death through travels in time. It is the complete acceptance of language breaking apart as a monster seeks god within.