Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 136: In the Realm of Spirit, There is No Time.


This is why reality is one fragmentation of time interacting with one fragmentation of Being. One has to sustain metaphors as a part of the post-post modern demonstration of deconstruction with a purpose. Time & Being: one is an ocean of time and one is an ocean of consciousness. IF we can transform the way the world thinks, we can unlock time, we can begin to experience Being. We must transform the way one thinks. One must create an awareness of time. Because on the continent of consciousness, there is no time, there is only Being, only god, only the land without time. I write without defending rules. I write with the freedom of my heart at heart. KEEXZUS is about unearthing the flow of god from within. KEEXZUS is about lifting consciousness. KEEXZUS is the language of god.

As one writes on floors, writing our signatures in time, as one descends and falls into Being as the land of god commences to weep, begin.

God is the language we use when we have run out of time.

In the land of god, there is no time.

We begin to cleanse ourselves. We begin to unmask the illusion. Soul encased in flesh sculpting forms. We have fallen in love with time, with narrative, with the film that runs through our minds. Imagine how you wish to exist, imagine that which has yet to exist.

I am one metaphor away from transforming time. We are one metaphor away from transforming time. But because we dissect and identify with continental drifts in time, we lose sight of Being. We must begin to unravel language, we must begin to unravel time. We must disconnect ourselves from the reality that says we cannot explain ourselves.

We are impressions of god lost in delusion.

Ask yourself one question: 

Does god flow through you?